Train paths


The C-OSS of the Amber RFC offers customers three pre-arranged paths for the annual timetable, as well as late path requests and reserve capacity for the ad-hoc traffic.


Annual timetable:


Pre-arranged paths (PaPs) are dedicated capacity for international rail freight, published in a path catalogue in the middle of January of each year for the following timetable (11 months before the timetable change). PaPs are defined in accordance with specific parameters such as load, length or locomotive type and are organized and presented in logical geographical sections. The PaP-catalogue is displayed in a transparent way in the IT tool called PCS and gives you a basis for your international train paths requests.


The C-OSS accepts capacity requests from railway undertakings, international groupings of railway undertakings and other persons or legal entities, such as shippers, freight forwarders and combined transport operators (in accordance with the Article 15 of Regulation (EU) 913/2010).


The catalogue of pre-arranged paths can be found in the Downloads section.

Ad-hoc timetable:


Late path requests refer to capacity requests concerning the annual timetable sent to the C-OSS within the time frame from X-7.5 until X-2 Capacity for late path request is offered in the same way, as for PaPs, either specially-constructed paths for late path requests or PaPs which were not used for the annual timetable. Capacity for late path request has to be requested via PCS in the same way as for PaPs.


Reserve Capacity


Reserve Capacity RC on the Amber RFC is offered as a guaranteed contingent of "capacity slot" and international freight paths per day/ section (flexible RC approach) in Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and with PaPs in Hungary. On all RFC sections the number of guaranteed timeslots is at least one per day.


To order reserve capacity, corridor sections without any time indication in Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and with given time in the territory of Humgary are available in PCS. Applicants can book RC via the C-OSS until 30 days before the running day.


Reserve Capacity (RC) is published by the C-OSS of Amber Corridor in PCS and is available from two months before the timetable change until 30 days before the running day.


First RC-offer on the Amber RFC has been published on 15th of November, 2019 for the timetable 2020.

The catalogue of Reserved Capacity can be found in the Downloads section.

Capacity offer in the CID


Chapter 4 of the Corridor Information Document (CID) describes all customer relevant conditions and processes for booking and allocation of the PaPs and RC via the C-OSS supported by the IT tool PCS. The national network statements of the involved infrastructure managers - whereas serving as a legal basis for the PaPs and RC path usage contracts - refer to the Book 4 CID accordingly.


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